F40C4TMP 26 Quart (25L) Portable Car Freezer & Insulated Protective Cover Bag (Japan)

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15 MINUTES RAPID COOLING-The empty portable car refrigerator or freezer with an aluminum evaporator only needs 15mins from 77 to 32F. This electric car cooler could keep the food and drink freezing(rubber seal strip effectively prevents air convection)when the 12-volt cooler stays closed even you turn off the power.* The upgraded Embedded Handle is easy to carry and saves space. Unlike the Strapping Handle, it prevents the handle from breaking off*
BATTERY PROTECTION FOR SAFE TRIP- The mini-fridge cooler for vehicles features 3-stage battery protection that can prevent your battery from running down and protects the device when the battery voltage is lower than the lowest working voltage while you’re on the road.
KEEP FRESH FOR POAD DRIVERS AND CAMPERS- The mini-fridge coolers dual-use for car and home with 26-quart(25 Litter)capacity supports the trucker and the camper to store ice cream, seafood, snacks, meat, and beverages for road traveling, boating, and camping with 12/24V DC and 110-240 AC input just plugging to the cigar lighter. The external measure of the 12v compressors refrigerator is 22.44*12.4*13.4 inches is so small that it saves space in the car.
LED TOUCH CONTROL&USB CHARGE- The 26-quart portable fridge comes with an attractive LED panel and supports the touch screen function for simple operation. You can easily set the temperature that you need and select Max(fast cooling/heating) or ECO(Energy Saving) modes. NOTE: press “set” and “+” for 3 seconds at the same time will interchange Celsius (°C) and Fahrenheit (°F).
INSULATED PROTECT COVER- Extra insulation against strong sunshine or extreme outside temperatures which saves battery power, improves overall efficiency.