F40C4TMP 24 Quart (23L) Portable Car Freezer and Insulated Protective Cover Bag

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F40C4TMP 24 Quart (23L) Portable Car Refrigerator/ Freezer

Fast Cooling With Compressor- 2 in 1-a car refrigerator and freezer.No ice is needed, you can adjust the temperature in the range of -7.6℉ to 50℉ according to your needs. With a powerful compressor, the portable fridge in an empty can cool down to 32℉ within 20 minutes and reach the lowest -7.6℉ about an hour.

Higher Lid, Much Space- The lid of the F40C4TMP portable refrigerator is higher than the ordinary refrigerators. The 12-volt refrigerator can hold higher water bottles vertically. You don't need to worry about being unable to close the lid of the refrigerator because the food is not neatly placed. There is also storage space on the top, and you can put some small items like a knife and fork in it.

Consumes 1kWh Per Day- F40C4TMP portable freezer has two cooling modes, including MAX (fast cooling) and ECO (energy saving). The rated power in MAX model is 45W, which means it consumes less than 1kWh per day.H/M/L three-level battery protection can protect the car battery from draining. With 45dB of low noise when a 12V portable refrigerator is running, you can get a cozy sleep after tiring long-distance driving and stay focused on the road.

24 Quart Capacity with Special Design- Internal dimensions: 13.96*9.87*10.66 inches.External dimensions : 22.4*12.6*14.37 inches.Storage box size : 10.26*1.48*2.16 inches.This 24-qt dc fridge will fit snugly in your trunk, behind a car seat, or in the bed of a truck. With a DC cord and AC adapter, the car fridge freezer is perfect for truck drivers, RVs, campsites, boats, camping, and road trips.

F40C4TMP 24 Quart (23L) Insulated Protective Cover Bag

Good Insulation And Waterproof- The internal aluminum membrane are waterproof and thermally insulating, reducing the consumption of cold air, which saves battery power and improves cooling efficiency. Help fight the extreme ambient in the hot summer conditions.

Durable- 600D Oxford cloth is perfect in wear-resistant. Protect your portable refrigerator from scratches and dust.No fear of the portable fridge shaking on bumpy roads.

Storage Space- There are two grid pockets and two cloth pockets on both sides of the insulated protective cover. The grid pockets can hold cups and publications, and the cloth pockets are suitable for storing power cords, batteries, and debris.

Easy To Carry- The insulated protective cover equips with two carrying straps. The length can be adjusted at random with a strong bearing capacity to make it easy to carry.

High-Quality Design- Hook and loop fastener design is convenient to open the protective cover to take food. The display area is PVC material, and you can touch the screen to operate. The mesh-designed vent part helps to dissipate heat.