Sell on Amazon: 10 Quart(9L) Portable Car Refrigerator(Temperature adjustable -4℉~68℉) US&CA

F40C4TMP SKU: E0401-00903



With the F40C4TMP, you have control of your outdoor experiences like never before. You don't have to buy ice cubes to store frozen meat when you go out for trips or grocery shopping with this portable freezer, your ordinary and extraordinary adventures will be fueled by safer food and less waste.

Capacity: 10 Quart(9L).
External Size: 16.73*12.60*9.84 inches.
Internal Size: 8.23*9.61*7.05 inches.
Home Use: 110 V-240 V AC power
Car/Truck Use: 12/24 V DC power
Wattage: Max Mode 45 W; ECO Mode 36 W
Noise: ≤45 dB
1) F40C4TMP 10 Quart Portable Refrigerator
1) AC Adapter
1) DC Power Cord
1) User Manual


Two-mode options include Max(fast cooling) and Eco(Energy Saving). 

With this 45 dB low noise car fridge, you won't be disrupted with your sleep and driving, whether in the car or at home.

This 12-volt portable freezer is designed to safely operate at 30 degrees of Tilt so that no need to worry about rugged roads.

12/24V DC and 100V-240V AC power inputs make portable refrigerators move seamlessly from home to vehicle to destination.




App Control: You can control the temps, set the mode, turn on/off this car refrigerator all from your phone, conveniently and precisely. You can check the temps and the status of the unit any time you need it. You can control the temp range from -4℉ to 68℉. Note: Download the app refer to the user manual.

Consumes Less Energy: 45W low energy consumption, the 12V car freezer consumes less than 1 kWh per day. The portable car fridge has two cooling modes of MAX and ECO to choose from. And the MAX mode for fast cooling and ECO mode for energy saving. The power consumption is the same as the power consumption of the car navigator.

3 Level Battery Protection: H/M/L three-level battery protection can protect the car battery from draining, which allows you to camp and stay put for a more extended period.

Warranty: We guarantee you a 2-year warranty for the compressor and accessories. If you have any questions, please reach out to F40C4TMP, we provide 24h friendly customer service.