Sell on Amazon: F40C4TMP Portable Power Station, 220Wh Backup Battery For Portable Refrigerator

F40C4TMP SKU: E0404-02204


  • 【220WH/60000mAh Capacity】 F40C4TMP portable power station is specially designed for car refrigerators, it can power a 12V portable fridge for about 5~6 hours at a time. This power supply is suitable for all F40 portable refrigerators and most of the 12V car refrigerators on the market.
  • 【Multiple Input & Output Ways】This 220Wh backup battery features 4 inputs(AC, DC, PV, and USB-C) and 3 outputs(Cigarette Port, USB-C, USB-A). You can freely choose the way of charging the power station and using it to charge different devices(e.g. laptop-2 times, camera-33 times, and 30W fan-9 hours).
  • 【Small & Highly Portable】Product size: 7.08*3.3*3 IN. This portable laptop charger is small enough to be held with just one hand. It's highly portable and won't take up extra space, you can put this backup power supply in the side pocket of your refrigerator cover effortlessly. Weighing only at 3.3 LBS, it can be easily carried around for outdoor adventures such as road trips, camping, hiking, etc.
  • 【Stable Voltage Output】This portable charger for car fridges will not trigger the car refrigerator's H/M/L battery protection mode, which most car refrigerators have. Even if it has only 1% power left, the output voltage can be stable at 14.75V-15V. Moreover, through the LED display, you can always know the current input and output voltage of the battery, as well as the exact remaining battery power(shown in percentage).
  • 【LED Light For Night Use】Equipped with LED light, this portable charging station can be used as a flashlight at night, with no fear of darkness. In addition, the LED light has 3 modes: Strong Mode/Weak Mode/SOS Mode, this can make you feel safe at night.