30 Quart (28L) Portable Car Freezer and Power Station

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F40C4TMP 30 Quart (28L)Portable Car Refrigerator/ Freezer

Keep Frozen Without Buying Ice- Save you from buying ice. 2 in 1 fridges can be used as a refrigerator(above 32℉) or a freezer(-7.6℉). With a strong compressor, only needs about 15 mins from 77℉ to 32℉ with nothing put in the refrigerator. F40C4TMP portable freezer is a good choice for you to store hard ice cream, frozen meat, cheese, drinks, etc, you no longer have to rush home from the grocery or deal with melting ice all the time.

H/M/L Battery Protection- The 12-volt camping refrigerator has 3 levels for battery protection: Low, Mid, and High, which prevents the battery from draining and reopens automatically when the voltage is restored. With the proven magnetic door design, the car freezer is not easy to leak cold, improving the cooling efficiency. 45 dB low noise, will not affect your driving and rest.

30 Quart Capacity With Removable Partition- External Dimensions: 22.68 *12.60 *15.51 inches; Internal Dimensions:13.96 *9.82 *12.36 inches. One gallon of milk(H:10 in) can be placed upright. The partition can divide the internal space into two areas, allows you to store meat and vegetables separately, perfects for RV, truck, boat, camping, fishing, road trip, and outdoor activities.

Consumes 1KWH Per Day- The 12v fridge has two modes for options including Max (fast cooling) and Eco (Energy Saving). The rated power is 45W, which means the travel refrigerator consumes less than 1KWH every day, which is energy-saving and relatively environmentally friendly. With anti-30°slip, the truck fridge can work normally even on bumpy roads.

Dual-Use & 2-Year Warranty- Run great with 12/24V DC and 110-240 AC, which can be connected to a portable power station. Through the LCD panel, the temperature can be adjusted according to different needs. 

F40C4TMP Portable Charger 216Wh Power Station Backup Lithium Battery

Huge Capacity With Multifunctional Outputs- F40C4TMP portable power station is equipped with a 216 watt-hour lithium-ion battery pack. It features 2*USB ports and 1*DC carport (12-16.8V/10A), which can be used to power many devices, such as a 45W portable refrigerator(6 hours),30W fan(9 hours),iPhone Pro 12(21 times),5W LED lights(40 hours).

High-Speed Charging With Stable Output- With USB output(5V/3A), the portable charger can quickly replenish power for electronic devices. Using a dedicated control panel, you can power other devices while charging.No matter how low the battery is, it still works generally due to the stable voltage.

Portable And Durable- Size: 7.64*3.88*2.30 inches.Weight:3.6 lbs.The shell adopts an aluminum alloy that is wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant. Up to 1000 battery cycles, the portable power station has a long service life. The compact station is powerful enough to meet different electricity demands for camping, home, travel, long road trips, and emergencies.

Good Heat Dissipation- The security chip and dual temperature monitors control the temperature, and the ambient temperature range during operation is 14-140°F.